DAAS SUMMIT 2018, i.e Dermatology and allied specialties Summit will be held from 29th june to 1st July in 2018 in New Delhi. This unique summit aims to bring together specialists from various medical And surgical branches under one roof to share and exchange our clinical experience with the ultimate Aim of enhancing practical knowledge. The highlight of DAAS SUMMIT 2018 will be panel discussions With an active audience participation.The format was highly appreciated since its debut in 2014.

Your active participation as a faculty and delegate will open avenues to learn not only from dermatologists but also from our incredibly talented fellow specialists in allied fields. First hand experiences translating into practical tips from experts in plastic surgery, rheumatology, nephrology, endocrinology, pediatrics, gynaecology, hematology, etc will add to our clinical acumen, enrich our therapeutic skills and will open avenues for inter-sectoral collaborations. It will surely be a mutually benefitting platform for all of us.

We invite you to attend DAAS SUMMIT 2018
(a novel concept now its 5th year)
and help make it a more bigger and better experience

The motto of this year's conference is "Wildering Horizons - Enhancing Proficiency"
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Dr.R.P. Gupta

Organizing President M: +91 99810078174
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Dr.Rohit Batra

Organizing Secretary M: +91 9911200050